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I am an experienced senior business leader, with proven results in improving business performance using data.

I have designed and developed comprehensive data management software, processes and training programmes, which have brought tangible results in company performance. I have a passion for data and technology and enjoy coaching and helping others to develop practical skills.

I have worked with senior leaders across all functions of international businesses, in addition to managing and developing teams of technical specialists.

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Chief Data Officer, Tata Steel Europe

January 2020 - Present

(The Netherlands and United Kingdom)


In this role I am responsible for establishing and leading a Central Data Office in order to help the company to increase its business performance through the use of data. This has involved automating, rationalising and harmonising data processes, along with the deployment of standards and governance.

Main results:

Group Chief Strategy Europe, Tata Steel Europe

November 2017 – January 2020

(The Netherlands and United Kingdom)


I was responsible for leading the development of the company's long-term plans and ensuring their implementation by monitoring the performance of the company. Reporting to the CEO, I managed a team of technical specialists and worked with senior leaders across the organisation.

Main results:

Strategy Manager, Tata Steel Europe

July 2012 – November 2017

(The Netherlands and United Kingdom)


In this role I was responsible for performing research and analysis on the company, its operating environment and competitors. I had to manage the work of others across the company in order to combine information into business cases, which I then evaluated financially. I was responsible for writing papers on these cases to communicate recommendations to the Executive Committee and board members.

Main results:

Details of the tools I have developed can be found on my portfolio

Business Analyst, Tata Steel Long Products

December 2010 – July 2012

(Scunthorpe, United Kingdom)

This role involved the collection, analysis and presentation of information to support the decisions made by the Managing Director. I supported the successful implementation of a business turnaround project worth tens of millions of pounds, for which I built an analysis system to monitor project progress. I also worked with sales staff to build and implement a pricing-control system, based on analysis of customer purchasing behaviour.

Researcher, Corus Research, Development & Technology

August 2007 – December 2010

(Rotherham, United Kingdom)

This position involved solving technical problems in the steelmaking process using electron microscopy and analytical chemistry techniques, with a strong emphasis on problem solving and experimental design. I improved laboratory work speeds by developing systems to automate equipment and perform automatic analyses. I also developed a performance management system for the research organisation.


MSci in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

September 2006 – June 2007

Specialising in Physical Chemistry and a research project using transmission electron microscopy.

BA in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

September 2003 - June 2006

Though ultimately specialising in Physical chemistry, my Natural Sciences degree covered topics in Physics, Materials Science, Mathematics and Chemistry.

During my degree I completed two summer internships in Corus Research & Development (2005 and 2006), where I developed new methods of surface structure measurement.

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