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Oversight is a complete system for collecting, processing and displaying company performance data. Unlike other dashboarding or data management programs, Oversight manages the entire data pipeline from collection through to visualisation.

Main features:

  • Fully-automated data extractor
  • Capable of connecting to multiple source systems (databases, spreadsheets etc.)
  • All data and configuration is version controlled
  • Integrated data documentation management
  • Automated data diagnostics to determine potential errors in the data set
  • Metrics and scorecards output as a mobile-friendly web page with clear time-series graphs

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Originally designed for use in the Steel Industry, AutoFlow is a visualisation tool for showing industrial supply chains. By using a modified form of Sankey diagram, AutoFlow makes intuitive displays of very complex movements of materials

Main features:

  • Simple web-based user interface
  • Contains a library of icons for representing (steel making) assets
  • Automatic error checking to prevent mistakes
  • Support for displaying process yield, asset capacity and utilisation
  • Ability to show different processing sites and physical transfers of material between them
  • Ability to visually show different (steel) product types
  • Can be embedded in any web page, for use as an interface to modelling systems

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Nexus is an interface for visualising data that is required to perform a strategic diagnostic of a company. By using the data extraction engine from Oversight, data quality can be maintained. Nexus becomes a single point of access for multiple types of strategic data:

  • Competitor asset capability
  • Financial data
  • Operational performance
  • Macroeconomic trade data
  • Market conditions data
  • Commercial performance and margin curves

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ChronoShift analyses multiple time series to determine similarities between them. By applying variable time lagging, it is possible to see where one time series lags and leads another. Time series are clustered based on how synchronised they are with each other in a similarity graph.

ChronoShift uses a customised Dynamic Time Warping engine to efficiently process hundreds of time series.

Applications include stock market and commodity trading modelling

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The spread-o-meter is a large, visual gauge showing the live industry spread - the difference between the market price of raw materials and the market price of the finished product.

The gauge uses coloured segments to show the current spread in the context of long-term historical quartiles.

In addition to a display on a web interface, it also exposes a data API which allows construction of physical gauges for educational purposes.

Office VBA

OB tools greatly speeds up the process of making PowerPoint slide decks for business case presentations. Features include:

  • One-click table, shape and text formatting
  • One-click creation of common layouts and slide objects
  • Automatic grid and column layout of objects
  • Alignment of position of objects on different slides
  • Easily share a sub-set of slides as a PDF or PPTX file
  • Automatic creation and update of contents slides
  • Quick access to corporate colour schemes

Python SVG

Cartograms allow complex changes in global macroeconomic quantities to be visualised and easily understood by a general audience

See here for an article on how they are made.